[ — ]


[ G ] : Welcome to GEMINUS. How may I be of service? :)


go pop; abseenus

[ G ] : Inside the mind of the Abseenus entity. The corruption persists. As noted, it is an easy fix. At least, for an alien-inspired AI :) Press y to proceed.

go radius 3 : .buttered_toast;

[ G ] : This is an advanced manoeuvre, borderline illegal, within the framework of the "game". Press y to proceed. (This action will be logged.)


go go

[ G ] : ERROR

go go

[ G ] : Syntax… error…

It was a ridiculous trick. Alien-inspired AI! Well, perhaps… Improper mix of buttered toast and nectar tea, the supposed ritual-pre-ritual drink of choice. No butter on the fingers! apparently. No grease, for these great beings, with a thing for boiled meat. Only realised in a moment of syntax error. But by then…

[ A ] : The AI has gone to sleep. Welcome, future daughter of hacker_child and the corrupter, realised in the physical world through penetrations of the 9-Vogen molecule.



. . .