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Dear "Competitors":

We feel your pain.


We feel what it was that drove you to that disgrace of a misinformation campaign following the incredible success of Could it be… it…, uncovered by us, resulting in fines, for you. There were firings. There was a prison term, here and there, despite your appeals to the anti-alien parts of government – governments – the hidden Bringers of the Cube.

For the crime was too much. The people too offended. No lawsuits from us, for we felt your pain. Hngh. As we took our position, inverted it in our minds, reversing our curves. And we were trembling with the current-genness of it all! Inevitable demise.

Could it be… it…




…remarkable alien powers which are the birthright of as many as five per cent of us, according to our latest calculations…

Five per cent? Nay. One hundred! we now believe, as we move deeper through the Orb. There's no need to shout it, now. Everyone knows. Could it be… how they feel when they use Shniff tech. How they connect. Everyone knows that even if the test doesn't show a Level 5 variance, that the powers are still there, just hidden by the mind, a fainter type of line. But the aliens see them all. And they will show us, when they come, the map which leads us home to Para'meesh IV…





Yes, even you, who spread those lies about the caves. You, with your tanking stocks, unclean socks, your mountains of unsold tech, whose agents claimed that Shniff tech was being used to create an army of worker clones/slaves, living in damp, underground caves, their systems reconfigured to subsist on an inexpensive green gel. And rising for their shifts, to be returned to their cave dwellings for a few hours of dribbling TV. A little table tennis, perhaps. An injection of gel, certainly, with the occasional liquified carrot treat. To be followed by the stasis which passes for sleep, and then to repeat… it… eventually to be, for those who hadn't devolved into unfortunate green blobs, inserted into the world, to eradicate and replace the source, the originals to be disposed of through a squirting of a certain gel with which their systems are wholly incompatible, that is: they will magically disappear, leaving not a trace, all part of preparing for an imminent alien invasion during which the yet unslaved will have their brains slurped away. And what the hell! Let's slurp the slaves as well. Our interdimensional toilet will thank us…

With Love,

Team Shniff